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How To Say I Miss You
One of the most difficult things to say is the feeling one feels when he is apart from the one he can't live without. The pain, the emotion in the innermost corners of heart, even if it has been only a little while, sounds like it will devour your whole being. Each new day is changed from the one that has passed. Yet the ties that we make can be everlasting, and so it becomes essential to convey those feelings to hang on to the beautiful bonds. Therefore, without much to say, some great ways to say "I Miss You" goes here:

No one desires to be separated from their loved ones, be it first sight love or childhood friends' love. One of the worst things is the ache that you feel. Hence, you can absolutely go overboard expressing how much you miss them. I've mentioned some interesting ways to say "I Miss You" that will do the job for you!

Shoot An E-mail
No long emails, just a few words to carry the basic thought you've about that person. And how things are on your side [without them]

Sending post cards 
These are likely to be a little cold, but can work well if you choose the right picture and focus on the separation fact.

Twitter them
It can benefit only if your friend [whom you miss] also follows your account. Leave a message everyday saying "I don't go for morning walk, don't like the path when you're not stepping with me"

Send bouquet
This idea rocks with females, and white flowers with little bit of dull colored ribbons and a tag saying: "Going Pale - Without You!"

Send their favorite foodstuff
You know what he likes, shop that foodstuff and mail it to him. Don't forget to attach a note of Miss You!

Write a Poem
Prose, all of can write, of course! But writing a miss you poem says that we are really bad at rhyming, so it took time to articulate how we feel about them ….

Take pictures
Flick your pictures on flicker, and snap your blues.
Write a diary
Write a diary of your daily routines focusing on "without them" and send them a copy when it is finished 100 pages or so!

If you're good at expressing yourself on web, make a blog and personalize it with your photos and videos.