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Missing My Love
Some thoughts on missing my love ...
As I peep into the past - all that is happened; getting mature, changing you, changing me -- there were times when we had shared dreams, when we had shared cries and shared laughter. As I look back on the days we've spent together, I realize how much I really miss you and how much I really love you. The days gone by are never going to come back.. Whatever the coming days hold, the present make the memories of future. So, my forever friend, I care for you more than anything and I crave for seeing your smiles, hoping that you'll carry my smile with you forever, for I know we both mean to each other more than anyone can think of.

I want to say you something … but I don't know from where to begin and what to say!
I am scared you don't like me to talk anything and especially when it is about you. Hence I don't. But within my soul there are words waiting to come out. May be sometime I could tell you how I feel when I'm with you; and when I'm without you! How desperately I need you, I love you despite my aching heart. May be some time you could know how I need you in my life and the way my days are incomplete without you. I wonder if there are words locked inside you too... but I'll never know.

You know when all is said and done, what I end up is that I see you as a part of me. That's the way it should be. There is always a good reason for which any of the two on earth are brought together, everything happens for a reason. I believe the reason behind we meet was that we are just incomplete without each other. We fill in the blanks of each other's personality. And if there comes a time when God decides to put us apart, I trust that there would be a reason. I miss you my love for you not being here ….

Have you ever been in love? Awesome isn't it? It makes you so exposed; yes, exposed to all kinds of things - desirable or undesirable. It opens up your heart to let someone land inside you and ruin you for no reason. You put all the defense lines you can, you make a whole suit of armor, so that nothing can upset you, then one ordinary person, no different from any other ordinary person, strolls into your ordinary life...You offer them a piece of you. They didn't ask for it. May be they don't need it even. They did something damn at some point, like kiss you, admire you, or just a sweet smile; and after that your whole life isn't your own anymore. Love needs to be hosted. It gets inside you. They take one piece of you with them; of course they take and leave you, because they are not there for the rest of their life to console you. They leave you in darkness by just saying a simple phrase "I think we should better be just friends" and the whole thing is over. You are never going to be the SAME at any point in your life. It hurts. Not just in the thoughts, Not just in the heart, but the whole you! It takes from you not just what you had but what you'd have in future … just want to say … missing you my love, come back if you know what missing is!