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  • It is one of the most popular random fun facts that English is always read and written from left to right. Many languages are written and read from right to left and even some are written from top to bottom. The question arises here that why English is treated differently? Any funfacts related with this? Well, the answer is enclosed in one of very interesting fun facts. According to this fun fact ancient Greeks the most simplest and practical way of writing a language is from left to right. This trend is even followed today in most western languages because all western languages have their roots in Greek and Latin.

  • Galileo, the well known Italian scientist, famous for inventing a telescope, actually is not the real inventor of this scientific tool. Isn't it one of the funny facts to know? But it is absolutely true. He is the man who only made the already existing telescope work better. It comes in the list of most silly facts. One can also put it in the category of useless facts or weird facts. The real fun facts are that Hans Lippershey, of Netherlands is the actual telescope inventor who invented it in 1608 and Galileo has not invented it at all. Galileo invented microscope but the useless fact that telescope is also his invention is all false and purely a useless information

  • It is one of the funny facts in today's world to run a country without legislature. World's first legislature was formed in Iceland in 930. It was called as Althing. When Iceland got independence from Denmark in 1944, Althing voted for this independence.

  • It is a funny fun fact that famous painting Mona Lisa done by Leonardo Da Vinci is not actually Mona Lisa. The painter created this art masterpiece by painting his own wife, La Gioconda therefore the real title of this painting is La Gioconda. For many years it was called as Madona Lisa which is probably the reason of its title as Mona Lisa at present. Many random fun facts and few funny fun facts are associated with it. If you deeply study the painting, you will come to know that the lady in the painting is without eyebrows. Isn't it funny information and one of true funny facts to ponder??

  • Capital of Hungry, Budapest is not at all a single city but in fact it is two cities combination-Buda and pest and river Danube now divides the two cities that appear to be one.

  • The famous story of Robert Fulton inventing a steam boat in American history is just one of the weird facts in the world, hence falls in the funfacts section here. Jhon Fitch is man behind this invention in 1790. Hey guys don't you think it to be one of fun facts truly amazing?

  • The American flag is sewn by Rusty Ross, is second hand information spread in 1870 by William Canby, the grand son of the lady. The random fun fact is that it has no solid proof in American history.

  • The log cabin, permanent symbol of American history, is not invented by Americans and it is one of the most useless facts to associate its invention with Americans. This idea was actually brought by Swedish immigrants in 1638.

  • Eskimo's live in Igloos, it is the story of the past. Today's modern world Eskimos prefer to live in buildings made of wood, cement and stone. Seems to be at number one in top most funny fun facts? But it is really so.

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