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Sending you a chain of love
it's kinda special
with the memories of
all the happy times
we spent together
just to let you know
I cherish all of them
thinking of you
and wishing
you were here!


The most difficlut thing about you is loving you!


I want to pull down the rainbow
and write in it
how much I love you
then hang it on the sky
just to show the world
how much I love you

Kisses seal
What two hearts feel
I want you
I need you
I love you

I'm so deeply in love with you

I need your friendship
I need your support
And I need you more than anything else
I love you sweetheart

Know why I think you are
As perfect as rose?
Coz you're just
R - are
O - nderful
S - weet
E - xtra special
And you've blossomed my days with happiness

You've touched my heart
With your tender caring ways
And filled it with so much love
Words can hardly express
How much you mean to me

You light up my world
With love

My heart is just bouncing to say
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