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Short Miss You Poems

Short Miss You Poems

I want to cry every night,
Because I miss the way we fight.

I pray for you every night,
Because I miss you not being in my sight.

I miss the sound of your voice,
That I am sick and tired of all this noise.

I miss the way you smell,
Oh that smell.

I miss the look upon your face,
That made me smile with such grace.

I love you so much I can’t deny,
For when I see you I will break down and cry.

For when I cry these happy tears,
I won’t have anymore fears.
You’ll be home safe with me,
That I’ll be able to sleep.
Oh how I miss you so much.

I’ll just have to wait and hope you will, keep in touch.

This poem was submitted by Heraldvergara.


I miss you
I miss you.
When I listen to the sound of a piano softly singing,
When I hear the stars giggling at night,
When the imposing, deafening, roaring noise of silence assaults me,
by Milly


Short Poems
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Short Miss You Poems

I Miss You
The memories flash before me
It makes me want to cry
I miss you even more when they appear
by Megan


I Miss
I miss your smile that cheers my day.
Your happy pix that tells me you are on your way.
by Lori Lynch