Funny Job Titles

Ever get bored of the same old job titles? Well here is a list of creative job titles, that’ll hopefully entertain you if nothing else. These funny fake job titles make the jobs look more interesting than with their usual titles. Call it funny jobs or just joke job titles these names will surely spice up that name tag that you wear at your work.

  • Garden Boy – Landscape Executive and Animal Nutritionist
  • Cleaner – Office Hygiene Control Specialist
  • Office Orderly – Office Administration Facilitator
  • House Maid – Family Environs Upkeep Manager
  • Typist – Printed Document Handler
  • Messenger – Business Communications Conveyer
  • Window Cleaner – A Transparent Wall Technician
  • Tea Boy – Refreshments Overseer
  • Garbage Collector – Public Sanitation Technicians
  • Watchman – Theft Prevention and Surveillance Officer or Wealth Distribution Prevention Officer
  • Prostitute – Practical Sexual Relations Demonstrator
  • Thief – Wealth Distribution Officer
  • Receptionist – Office Access Control Specialist
  • Cook – Food Preparation Officer

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