Cute Poems For Your Boyfriend


by BiiaNca BaBii3

You have different kinds of kisses
But the sweetest and best tasting are yours

The steps to kissing are:
1) Grab a guy you love
2) Press your lips against his
3) Make him feel like he’s above the world on clouds
4) Kiss him like there’s no tomorrow!

Guys love it when girls make the first move
But baby, you gotta have the groove.
To kiss the guy you love
And make him feel like he’s a world above.
I can’t explain this feeling
I think about it everyday.

Kisses are for two people who love each other
You get many different kinds of kissing but the one I am talking about is a French kiss and it is to be used on someone you love
You need to pray to God for a guy you want because 110% of the time, God will give you a guy you’re after and he will show a love you want deep down but you never realise.

He did that with me
I prayed for a guy who loves me for me, has the same taste in music and who is ready to settle down and spend the rest of our lives together
Two months later, my boyfriend, James came out of the blue
My life sucked so bad and my life was so low
But because James came along, he saved my life.
His smile is brighter than any glow
I love James so much that he has no idea
How in love with him I am
He knows I love him and he loves me, but it seems more complicated to express how I feel and that is why I am writing this poem is to say that my feelings are stronger than any one or three words can express. I love you baby!


You’re The Sun Of My Heart
by BiiaNca BaBii3

The sun has turned to dusk now I am not talking to you.
You are my sun and I know the sun in my heart will rise tomorrow to hold me, love me and talk to me again tomorrow. I love you so much that whatever I do, is because I love you and I don’t want to lose you. Please stay, stay by myside.

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